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Welcome to the 2016 Monster Soccer Bash

Rules for the 2016 Monster Soccer Bash

Rules of Play
a. Rules of play shall be FIFA “Laws of the Game: except as modified by the USSF, USYS and MSYSA.
b. All decisions concerning pairing, schedules, etc. are solely at the discretion of the tournament committee.
a. The tournament is open to currently registered USSF league association teams. 2015/2016 USYSA/MSYSA or US Club pass cards and rosters must be presented to the registrar when teams check in for tournament play.
b. Risk management cards, or equivalent documentation, will be checked for all team officials.
c. Teams must present a medical release form for each player at registration, and have a copy available throughout the duration of the tournament.
d. Maximum roster sizes are as follows:
 U8 teams may carry up to 11 players on their roster.
 U9 and U10 teams may carry up to 12 players.
 U11/U12 teams may carry up to 15 rostered players.
e. A maximum of 5 guest players (from outside a team’s club) are allowed per team. At least 50% of the players appearing on a tournament roster also appear on a team’s official league roster. Guest player forms must be submitted for all guest players, both from outside a team’s club and club passcard players that are not on a team’s official league roster. Club is defined as an organization providing soccer to youth players. In the case where a Club sets up one or more satellite organizations, those satellite organizations may only be considered part of the main Club if all of the following criteria are met: 1. The main Club and satellite organizations have the same Board of Directors; 2. The main Club and satellite organizations have the same tax ID number; and 3. The main Club and satellite organizations are registered with the same state soccer association.
f. No player can be rostered on more than one team.
No protests or appeals will be allowed. The ruling of the referee is final.
a. Any player, coach, assistant coach, manager, etc. that is ejected (Red Card) will be suspended for the remainder of that game and the following game.
b. Any player, coach, assistant coach, manager, etc. that receives a second suspension will sit out for the remainder of the tournament.
c. Any player or coach that does not fulfill their red card suspension in the tournament, must sit out the appropriate number of games beginning with their next league game.
d. Cautions and ejections will be reported to the corresponding league.
Inclement Weather:
a. Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play, ready to play. Only referees and/or tournament committee may cancel or postpone a game.
b. In the event of severe weather, the tournament committee has the authority to change the duration of the games or any other function of the tournament.
Duration of Preliminary and Championship Games
a. U8 thru U10: 2 x 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
b. U11 and U12: 2 x 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
Ball Size:
a. U8 thru U12: Size 4
a. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times under the following conditions:
1. Prior to a throw-in, by the team in possession. If team in possession is subbing, other team can also sub.
2. Prior to a goal-kick, by either team
3. After a goal, by either team
4. After injury a one for one, by either team, once the referee stops play.
5. At half time.
6. After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted. The opposing team may substitute as well if the cautioned player was substituted.
Division Rankings:
a. Points: Win = 3 points. Tie = 1 point Loss = 0 points
b. Division/Bracket Tie-Breakers:
1. Head-to-Head competition (does not apply in instances of a 3-way tie)
2. Team with the most wins
3. Least Goals Allowed
4. Goal Differential (maximum of 4 goals) Example: Team One scores 5 goals Team Two scores 1 goal – differential = 4. Example Two: Team one scores 2 goals and Team Two scores 10 goals – differential = 4.
5. Penalty kick shootout
a. A maximum 5-minute grace period will be allowed after the scheduled kick-off time.
b. After the 5-minute grace period, a forfeit will be awarded to the opposing team. Forfeit score is 1-0.
c. If a game is forfeited after play has begun, the actual score will only apply to the advantage of the team winning by forfeit.
d. A minimum of 7 players is required to constitute a team for U13 and above. A minimum of 4 players is required to constitute U8 through U10 teams and 5 players for U11 and U12.
Play-off ties:
a. If two teams are tied at the end of a play-off game, two five-minute overtime periods will be played to completion.
b. If a game is still tied after the overtime periods, penalty kicks will be administered as per FIFA laws.
Home Team:
The Home and Visiting teams are as listed in the schedule. Home Team will change jersey in the event of a color conflict. All players MUST have a jersey number that is unique for each player.
Coaches and Teams:
a. During play, both team benches shall be on one side of the field. Parents and all other spectators shall be on the side of the field opposite the team benches.
b. As per FIFA laws, during play, coaches must remain within their respective technical area.
All games will be officiated under the approved USSF system.
Game Scores:
Both teams are responsible for turning in game scores.
For all divisions, champions and second place teams will receive individual awards.
U9 thru U12 specific rules:
a. U8 will play 6v6 small sided games. U9/U10 will play 7v7 small-sided games. All kicks will be indirect and there will be no penalty kicks. Off-sides will not be called.
b. U11/U12 will play 9v9 and all FIFA rules apply.
Cancellation of Tournament/Fines/Penalties:
In the event that the Tournament Committee cancels the tournament any day prior to the first day of the tournament, the tournament fee will be refunded. If a team is selected by the Tournament Committee, but is unable to complete the tournament registration process, within the dates and times outlined in the acceptance letter, the team will forfeit the tournament fee, and will not be eligible to participate in the tournament. Any player(s) who appears on a team roster, but does not have a player pass card(s), will not be allowed to participate in any tournament games.
There is to be no alcohol, tobacco, pets or firearms of any type allowed on the tournament grounds. This includes all playing facilities. Where applicable, local rules and regulations apply (including local school rules). Lost or stolen items are the sole responsibility of the individual and the tournament will not be liable.
All decisions by the Tournament Director are final.


Monster Soccer Bash
Monster Soccer Bash
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